Service Oriented Enterprise

Day 8 (Tuesday) was a fascinating day. Enough we were talking about service marketing infrastructure (XML transformation devices Oddly, mediation and XML firewalls) – and the news release around IBM picking up DataPower arrived. Well, – that created a bit of debate. Generally we agreed on a couple of things: 1. The deal was good for IBM and DataPower 2. The valuation of Reactivity just went up 3. Cisco needs to assist with AON.

We also spent a while and knocked out ‘service networking purchasers guide’ which we will make open to our customers. Day 9 (Wednesday) focused on ‘service-oriented business intelligence’. Eric y and Zerneke of Service Integrity taught us the essentials of using SIFT. This is a welcome change. We’d been spending a significant timeframe looking at the non-functional concerns of SOA that it was great to learn about a product that was much more centered on providing business value. From a geek perspective, SIFT concentrates more on the given information within the Cleaning soap body. So, many people discuss ‘business services’ – well, accompanying those services are ‘business messages’.

SIFT presents a remedy for ‘intercepting’ business communications, applying cross-message analytics for the intended purpose of near-real-time event resolution. Unlike traditional ETL/Cube/Analyze/Report solutions, SIFT presents information to a user when the info continues to be action-able (not post-mortem analysis). In addition, they do a great job of aggregating the info and that makes it available to a variety of output devices (wealthy client, portal, etc.) A very important factor that I’d like to see is a closer integration into intermediaries.

This is preempted by Federal law. Will require the continuing state use taxpayer dollars to defend this legislation. Public Employees. Removes collective bargaining privileges at the neighborhood level. UPDATE II: WTHR-TV monitored down the terrorists, who have been holding up at a motel in Champaign-Urbana. An information crew swept up with four of these, Mara Candelaria Reardon, Dan Stevenson Greg Porter, and Vernon Smith from a shopping trip.

WTHR also discovered the Indiana Democratic Party is picking up the tabs for the 37 Democratic lawmakers who fled to the Land of Lincoln until their terrorist demands are fulfilled. Reardon claimed they were working on amendments at the motel and fighting the radical plan of the House Republicans. Think about it. Outside interests are paying for the Democrats to carry up at a hotel in another condition instead of conducting the people’s business while they are being paid by taxpayers to perform business as this state’s elected representatives. What if employers were pressured to pay employees while each goes on strike and shut down their employer’s business? It’s really no different when you think about it.

Long before I met Rayne, he spent a few of the war on the tanker in the vendor navy and he came back with a fez,’ recalls Prue. And for some good reason, each and every time he dished out the Christmas presents when our children were little the fez were worn by him. Regarding presents, Prue loves to keep it simple. I purchased my grandchildren books for Xmas just. And I wager you anything their hearts shall sink, as they’d probably prefer a PlayStation. As children, we’d a pillow case in the bottom of our beds and I recall the pleasure as you scrambled down the bed to feel the presents.

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I was always disappointed because what I needed was a puppy dog or an equine or a bike. Nonetheless it was books always. In fact there is really only 1 boy for Prue. She was married for 38 years to the South African author Rayne until his death in 2002, even though he was married to her mother’s closest friend when they met. She’s since wedded John Playfair, a 70-year-old retired designer, after he wooed her with home-cooked meals. However they have a strategic approach to Christmas. If all the Playfairs and all the Leiths and their prolonged households sat down jointly we’d been 30-plus. So we’re having three goes at it this season.

Here mostly the women will be poshed up while the men will be informal and the kids could be in anything from fancy dress to football packages. Then, a few days later, we’ll have a ‘Games Day’ with my brother James, my nephews and nieces, their spouses and children where we play children’s games and charades and make idiots of ourselves. Then a Playfair supper with John’s four children, plus their other halves,’ clarifies Prue. When the guests occur on Christmas Eve, out comes the old decor box and we beautify the tree, which stands on the table in the hall.

This is helped by glasses of champagne for the adults, along with smoked salmon and rye breads, and pigs in blankets by way of supper, followed by tropical fruits salad with a little of spice in it. Some guests may go to midnight mass, but somebody has to stay with the kids.