How To Replace Your Pontoon’s Vinyl Seats And CUT COSTS, Too

When we purchased a 1998 Fisher pontoon motorboat for what we should think was a take, the first thing we had a need to do is replace the dry-rotted vinyl on all the chairs. The pontoon have been sitting in the sun for eight years and every chair acquired vinyl that was cracked and split with the foam rubber padding open, rotting, and disintegrating each right time it was handled. It didn’t provide for a comfortable seating arrangement; after all, the reason you purchase a pontoon is usually to be able to take all your friends along on the river.

1200 to have someone else reupholster our vessel. Being a mediocre seamstress, I decided that I would consider doing the working job myself. Remove the seats from the boat and disassemble the seats, such as the seat cushion, backrests, and any other covered pieces. Start by first removing every one of the hardware that attached to each seat to the motorboat. Thank heavens for power screwdrivers!

Once the hardware is taken off the seat, place them in one of the zip-lock hand bags and label it for each seat. This way you won’t lose anything and it will make it easier to put the chairs back again and ensure a good fit. When the chairs are disassembled, the next step is to eliminate the covers from the seat’s frame.

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Turn the seats upside down and take away the fabric by lifting the staples from underneath. In my case my frame was plastic, still in very good shape, and it was relatively easy to eliminate the staples. Using the pliers and screwdriver, take away the covers by inserting a long-handled screwdriver under the seam and lifting the staples out of the frame.

The simplest way to reupholster a sail boat seat is by using the old fabric as a design for your new fabric. Using a seam ripper, split the cover into the pattern parts carefully. Lay the fabric down on a large flat work surface and lay the old fabric face down at the top. Then I used a marker to trace an outline of the pattern on to the vinyl, but in the event that you feel confident to go ahead and slice the new fabric by tracing around the edges of the pattern.

I offered myself an additional ½ inches allowance around the outside of each pattern piece. I’d also claim that you make each chair individually so you don’t get your pieces confusing. Pin the pieces like they emerged aside and sew the pieces collectively. The first chair will be the hardest and with each additional chair you shall get better with experience. With that in mind, decide which of your seats you want to look the best and do those last. Once you’ve completed the cover, it’s time to check the foam. If the root foam is in good condition, you are prepared to re-cover it then.