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Is it a dupe? Are glowing creamy concealer vs. NARS Radiant Creamy Maybelline and Concealer Fit Me Concealer are another one of those internet-famous dupes. I see this one online everywhere, from weblogs to remit to YouTube. As the owner of both of these products, Personally I think compelled to put these to the test. 6.99, .23oz). Vanilla is the next to lightest color of the NARS (Light 1 Chantilly is much lighter) and the NARS will come in 10 tones. Regular blog readers know that I am a stickler on dupe evaluations – makeup dupes proliferate the internet, but most cases of products with similar packaging or wishful thinking.

I expect dupes to carry up as sensible replacements for each other, not a cheaper alternative that slightly resembles the original just. Color: Swing and a miss! 10 and it are less yellow. Additionally, take a look at the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer tone range (watched by Cafe Makeup) and the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer color range (picture from Makeup Alley). The NARS color range is much larger, both in number of tones and variety in undertone.

Finish: NARS RCC is more matte while Maybelline Fit Me is more luminous. Neither of these products are super matte, or very luminous, but the finish differs between your two. Texture: NARS RCC is more dry and creamy, Maybelline Fit Me is more slippy and thin. I understand that dry and creamy sounds like an oxymoron, but the RCC formula has a body to it that the Maybelline lacks.

As an outcome, the NARS can look heavy on dry pores and skin (especially under the eyes) while the Maybelline can have problems with building coverage and longevity. That you prefer because of this will come right down to your skin type and personal choice. Functionality: NARS RCC is a multi-tasker, the Maybelline is wonderful for under the optical eye.

Those with dried out or reply undergoes may prefer a far more luminous undereye concealer because matte finishes can look heavy on dry epidermis. Matte and natural surface finish concealers are far better for covering blemishes because luminous end products can attract attention to texture issues. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer strolls this line perfectly and can be utilized for under the eye and on blemishes, whereas anyone who has the Maybelline Fit Me probably has to buy a second concealer for blemishes or serious discoloration. Longevity: NARS RCC endures way longer. The greater matte surface finish of the NARS sets and remains.

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I regularly get 12-14 hours of wear out of it and the Maybelline is faded and worn by the time I go back home from work. Opacity: NARS RCC has ridiculously more coverage than Maybelline Fit Me. Hands down, opacity is the biggest difference between these two. The NARS is a buildable medium to full coverage dental plans and the Maybelline is a light-coverage product. I did a coverage demo on my arm by patting equivalent amounts of concealer onto each aspect showing the difference. The coverage of the NARS really shows why so many people want to dupe it.

Nope. Chalk this one up to similar product packaging and internet wishful thinking. I have repurchased the NARS many times since it is a trusted workhorse product that I take advantage of under my eye, on blemishes, sunlight spots, and dermatitis areas without fretting about it wearing off or migrating throughout the day. Unfortunately, Maybelline Fit Me just doesn’t endure on coverage, longevity, or functionality. It is a good option for someone to dry out skin and mild under-eye discoloration, but so can be most concealers.