Meg’s Exile To Africa

Today’s report in the days of the London newspaper that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be submitted to Africa for a period of up to three years was probably a comfort to the UK, but not to the Africans. What, precisely, are Harry and Meghan there likely to do?

You can only Instagram so many pictures of elephants. Harry is informed and needed help moving his basic exams lightly. Meghan took some courses in international relations during the Bush administration, but has spent the intervening years grilling burgers in a miniskirt for the cameras and marching ill-fitting clothing and shoes.

Does Africa need those skills? Or do the Sussexes need Africa more than Africa needs them? Harry loves Africa reportedly, Botswana particularly, where he has been involved with several long-term animals preservation projects. For me, this is an excellent use of his superstar: bringing attention to an important concern that doesn’t get enough press. His mom Diana used her celebrity similarly to market the clearing of land mines.

But Meghan’s participation in Africa – mainly a 2016 picture take in Rwanda – seems to have been mainly about polishing her image as a humanitarian. Wouldn’t the Rwandans have preferred a visit from, say, a drinking-water engineer or an environmental scientist who could have helped them enhance their drinking-water system even more?

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Maybe a good gifted plumber? Instead, they got a celebrity whose job is to present and who mainly do that job, posing for many pictures with Rwandans but not much else. And Meg never back went. It’s clear that what this banishment to Africa is really about getting Meghan and Harry out of Britain, where their conduct has been so odious that they are a threat to the whole Royal Family’s cushy gig.

Meg’s crazy overspending, rough treatment of her employees, self-flattering sociable media posts, and visible insufficient interest in British culture (including Black British culture) never have endeared her to the united kingdom public. This dubious baby story isn’t best for the family business, which relies on the love, forbearance, and fees of the British people. Harry’s announcement of a glitzy TV series with Oprah Winfrey and Apple appears to have been enough to spur his sibling William into action. The heir to the throne appears to have spent an eternity patching things up for his more youthful sibling, but has finally gone out of endurance.

It was William’s decision to send Harry and Meghan away, the Times of London story made clear, even though the person who probably must have been taking charge of the situation was his dad, Prince Charles. Charles has supposedly been working daily functions since his dad Philip’s formal retirement in 2017, Philip has always been the power behind the throne for the Queen. But Charles has been making a hash of things, before, during, and after Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

His mother doesn’t respect him and neither do his sons. Charles appears to be a likable old goat who is fun at a party, but he doesn’t have the spine or the occasional cruelty required for the big job. If this Africa banishment is now appreciated a few decades from, like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s exile to the Bahamas, it shall probably be kept in mind as enough time when William arrived to his own.