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Banks suffer from liquidity problems combined with the effect of bad loans and the transfer of Tk 300,000 crore from the bank sector to savings certificates. Zahid Hussain, former business lead economist of the World Bank or investment company Dhaka Office, said a number of good reforms were done. For instance, a true number of requirements were set for the selection of bank directors, however they are yet to be enforced.

“We have to ensure enforcement of the fit and proper criteria. Ensuring macroeconomic balance is crucial. “When there are downturn throughout the market the very first thing that might be affected is cost savings. Volatility is not good for saving,” he said, adding that 50 percent of the population is unbanked and 65 percent of these are women.

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The high deal costs and excise duty on bank are not helping depositors. “Tax on retained cash flow will discourage commercial cost savings,” he added. Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies but its bank asset is 40 percent of the GDP, said Arif Khan, leader and controlling director of IDLC Finance. It is 125 in Vietnam and 94 percent in India percent. “It isn’t encouraging,” he said, adding that high default loans is one of the major problems for the financial sector. He cited the situation of People’s Leasing and Financial Services that is set to be liquidated. Its default loans accounted for 55 percent of its total outstanding loans. “This did not build up immediately.

Where were we when it was building up? The problem will not disappear unless the issue regarding governance failing and making sure exemplary enforcement of the law are not attended to, he added. The loan default culture is becoming endemic, said Md. Ahsan-uz Zaman, handling director and CEO of Midland Bank or investment company. There are always a true number of savings schemes for customers, but you have to fill a 28-page form to open a merchant account, he said, while suggesting linking the account opening form to the national ID card database. “The KYC system is absurd. It is antiquated procedures that should be overhauled completely,” said Selim RF Hussain, managing director and CEO of Brac Bank or investment company.

From my experience many female tourists love wearing sarees. And there are whole streets in Sri Lanka focused on offering saris. If going through crowded streets is not your thing then there are also high-end shops focused on selling saris. However sari shopping in these packed streets is also a unique experience, which means you definitely should test it out for if you’re sense adventurous.

Depending on the sari the purchase price differs significantly. 4) but a glittering Indian saree with beautiful works can cost well above Rs.100,000. Most vacationers go for saris in the range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 10,000 because they buy it as a souvenir mainly. Silverware and Handicraft are another two items favored by travelers. Regarding handicraft wooden masks (devil masks), wooden carving of Elephants, artwork done using tree roots (“Ruk Kala”), wooden wall hangings, carved jewelry boxes are some of the most popular items.

Elephants are such as an image of Sri Lanka so you will see many vacationers buying those and you’ll find various attractively carved Elephant statues. These things can be found in almost any visitor appeal site and in major metropolitan areas like Colombo, Kandy, Dambulla, and Galle. Usually it is a lot cheaper to get them near tourist’s attraction rather than buying them in shops in Colombo and other major cities.