Evidence Of An Unconditional Cash Transfer Program In Bolivia

This paper uses a policy quasi-experiment created by the introduction of an old-age unconditional cash transfer program in Bolivia to study the intra-household income allocation process towards children’s educational expenses by ethnicity and gender of the recipient. Taking advantage of a sharp discontinuity created by the scheduled program assignment mechanism, I check out the heterogeneity in the patterns of allocation within indigenous, multiethnic, and non-indigenous households, conditional on having one elder and one school-age child residing in the household.

I find that social factors (proxied by ethnicity) count number in your choice making process of human capital investments. Specifically, the allocation of resources within indigenous family members follows rules closely related to patriarchal family structures (where women have limited decision-making power) and is constant with unitary, dictatorial, and common preferences theoretical home models. Conversely, non-indigenous family members follow decision guidelines more related to collective and bargaining behavior models closely.

The sustainability sub-index has a focus on the future and measures various indicators which will influence the chance that the current system will be able to continue to provide these benefits into the future. The integrity sub-index includes several items which influence the entire governance and operations of the machine which affects the level of confidence that the citizens of each country have in their system.

If the credit rating is bad, this means the bonds should go par as there is a concern with default below. Consequently, the share price will plunge as well. Let’s tell you some simple requirements I put for bond investing. 2m over the next 10 years yielding at least 5% per calendar year. It will be funded via cash or from my SRS collection.

  • 20 months ago
  • 6Simon Johnson, “The Quiet Coup,” The Atlantic, May 2009
  • Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund
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