Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, And Gruesome Ever Afters:

I’ve always been fascinated with the roots of nursery rhymes and fairy stories, along with their original variations and their historical contexts. So this is a study of many of these go for works, with artwork privately by me! I hope you enjoy! So how exactly does your garden grow?

And quite maids all in a row. This rhyme was said to result from Mary Tudor (better known as Bloody Mary), who was devoutly Catholic. Your garden a representative grave, in which the Protestants who dare defy her were laid to death as martyrs. The grotesque nature of this work is enhanced by the implied torture instruments disguised in flowers further. We all fall down! We all fall Down! Off along with his head! Register or subscribe and post using a HubPages Network accounts. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments aren’t for promoting your articles or other sites.

This is a hub filled with historical detail inserted in familiar nursery rhymes and fairy tales. When children recited these verses Perhaps, the politics, theater and issue that lay behind the tales were lightened or made fun of. Voted up and interesting. Many thanks for doing some great research I also find fairy tales-real origins extremely interesting and I believe you did a fabulous job really surprised me on some parts but also made complete sense.

So, she could hate it less and less, but nonetheless have that tiny voice in the back of her head that regarding how incorrect it was. It kept her from going dark in the end those years and allowed her to have a personality that her targets would find attractive, not one that would make her feel cold to others completely.

Especially following the truth that her goal to make a gang failed, it was needed by her to rely on her behalf skills. Even through all these years, her identity still had not been found out by the public. Through single one of her kills ever, she had found ways to change her appearance just enough to ensure that nobody would ever be able to realize her true identity. It’s hard to pin down a villain when it looks like a different variation of said villain each time. Though, some individuals have had the opportunity to check out her variations as petty villains, where one is a copycat of another.

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No one can really seem to determine that all are the same person. Changing her attire weekly can be quite tiresome, but it is needed, and has been an essential part to all or any of the task that she experienced done overtime. Those she had killed in these attires all appear to complement whatever character she’s playing. Since each of her kisses are different colors, she has a lipstick that matches that color for whenever she’s away.

Each attire is intended to get a certain type of suitor. The lipsticks appear to pull together each outfit without security cameras having the ability to realize what every person’s quirk is. A Golden Ribbon – Right before her father’s death, she was presented with this fantastic ribbon by him. It had been some sort of family heirloom, with that right time, she didn’t recognize that she would’ve wished to listen to the dumb lore behind it.

At that point, she didn’t realize she’d needed to. She didn’t realize it might be the last thing her father gave to her. Though Now, she adds the ribbon into every single one of her clothes, in some way, to remember her dad. A Revolver – Although Desiree doesn’t usually get into full out fights, she shall use her revolver in those types of situations. It is a basic Colt 1851 Navy Revolver that she had bought back at her home in France, as the gang had taken over. Although she hated them, their city takeover allowed her to buy this gun in one of their dark market.