Analysts Rate THE VERY BEST 14 Rapid App Dev Platforms (Low-Code Development)

For recent years, visionary designers, business architects, and CIOs have started a quiet trend. They have found out the secret to operating at two rates of speed between conservative legacy systems and innovative systems that support digital business. When Marc Andreessen said “Software is eating the world,” it was prior to the mobile IT revolution.

Yet this remains true, every business today must quickly innovate to reveal the way they build relationships customer journeys – delivering new applications quickly! A key of several leading-edge organizations is their use of low-code development to hack their development path on the road to digital business. This requires a fundamental change in how apps are delivered and built.

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Low-code platforms radically accelerate that trip. They unlock development and broaden development capability beyond IT to business groups, assisting reduce backlog and compress delivery times from a few months to weeks. At OutSystems, we’ve a clear purpose to make technology that accelerates the digital transformation. It is big news that Forrester recently published the most comprehensive study to time about the top, rapid app development platform vendors.

The Forrester Wave: Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q1 2019 presents a thorough review of the 14 leading suppliers using 26-requirements evaluation. This work leveraged an initial market panorama overview of 42 vendors, classified in five sections: general-purpose, process, mobile-first, request-handling, and database. These leading-edge companies have chosen OutSystems, because they trust the Platform to constantly deliver mobile and web applications rapidly in line with business development and accelerating it all the way into widely followed mission-critical systems. This record explored minute details numerous end-user organizations, a few of which even used multiple products.

As you can see the position is clear: OutSystems Lead this category, backed by a customer base that trusts our Platform to deliver real innovation. In the report, OutSystems received the best score in the current offering category and in the strategy category. Considering that this objective assessment includes other leading vendors like Salesforce, K2, and Appian, of course we are delighted to talk about these results with our developer community and all the customers that co-created OutSystems Platform. These are interesting times for OutSystems, and things are going to keep improving. For our developers, partners and customers, I’d prefer to many thanks for creating this trip! PS: For those unfamiliar with it, OutSystems Platform provides application delivery and change with extraordinary speed in an environment that ensures ongoing flexibility and evolution. Too good to be true? Try it free now.

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