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The virtue samatva, tranquility within, translated by Gandhi as even-mindedness, is the bottom for the ethical structure, cultivation of which leads to the other requisite ethical virtues such as courage, benevolence, empathy, or sympathy. Harmony being intentional, accumulation of the virtue harmony within in character leads to building harmony around if missing, and preserving it where it is in place already.

According to the Indian perspective, the moral base is naturalistic thus, as pertaining to the psychological character of humans centering around harmony being intentional. Aristotelian account of the unity of the virtues. Obviously, Plato talks of virtue as getting the human psyche into tranquility, but it’s only the thin notion of the (dubious) tripartite department of the psyche being harmonious.

To donate to the Virtue Ethics of today with age-old visions from the Hindu/Indian perspective. Michael Slote facilitates Virtue Ethics, while pursuing the sentimentalist variety as he considers feelings as the building block of ethics. The virtue tranquility within, obviously, has the visual dimensions within the spiritual pursuit of the Hindu pronounced. Thus, sentimentalism is very much a right part and parcel of Indian Virtue Ethics with spirituality as its foundation.

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Tagore today has taken this secular ethico-spiritual dimensions of Hinduism to a fresh height. No question, Wittgenstein was extremely fascinated of the first of the two takes on by the poet. Unveiling the innate Ananda, or Joy in and through building the inner independence, where independence is not the antithesis of subjugation of the physical and mental by exterior, primarily political, push is the secular spirituality involved in the process. The nationwide anthems of the prominent democracies today, American, Canadian, and English for example, sing in the praise of political freedom for the nation expresses.

India’s nationwide anthem, composed by Tagore, sings, not the virtue of national freedom, however the virtue of living together, in tranquility, imbibing the virtue tranquility within, which will go beyond political independence. Slote makes no secret to the fact that modern day Virtue Ethics has too much to learn from the original Chinese variety as the impetus for the former originated from the ancient knowledge of Greece. In the Indian custom, as explicated above, there could be a lot more that the conference hopefully can share with Slote for the benefit of the individual kind, while at the same time learning from him.

We are lucky he could be willing and thinking about getting involved in a symposium arranged in India, as he will in China often. Hursthouse, On Virtue Ethics, p. In the Hindu perspective, it is the joy of independence in attaining harmony within that leads to building and maintaining tranquility without, signifying the meaning of existence, that may be taken as such an end. The proposed symposium can be an attempt at sharing the thoughts of ancient India with the modern Western thinkers on the platform of Virtue Ethics, which is a revolt of the Western against itself today historically.

The symposium is a business at the East and the West learning from each other. Since Virtue Ethics is not widely yet pursued academically in India, in choosing the presenters superiority has been the deciding factor, rather than a distribution of possible audio speakers across the length and the breadth of the country. A limited number of individuals will be asked for the Workshop. Those thinking about participating should send -by email-an abstract of 500 words of the proposed paper with their brief C.V. 31 July 2019 till 12:00 midnight. Week of August The Institute intends to send Invitation letters to selected participants by the last, 2019. It is the plan of the Institute to create the documents not proceedings of the seminars it organizes.