Their Products Too ARE Genuine

Having good skin care products is important for healthy and glowing skin. I would like to get the Althea Bare Essentials set so my skin can look healthy and radiant everyday. The Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream is the perfect skin care routine. I wish to own this product because it can make my lip area look attractive and moisturized.

For guys out there, this would be a great gift for your girl friends. I have used this before and fell in love with it since it really maintains my face hydrated the complete night. I would love to get this for myself and my mom. This is actually the world’s top selling sleeping cover up and if you have never tried it, you soon have to get one. This is a 10 seconds wash off mask with real rose petals and green tea extract leaves that may let skin feel softer and smoother. I love it since it only requires 10 seconds to feel and look great!

This set is now RM77.00 with a 10% faraway from its normal price of RM86.00. I’ve read lots of good reviews with this and would love to try this out. This product consists of Jeju volcanic ash ingredients which can draw out dirt and sebum from the pores. I want to soon give this a go.

  • Maltobionic acidity/PHA alleviates appearance of crow’s feet
  • Line the very best and bottom waterline with a dark kohl pencil
  • Abnormal breath sounds: stridor, wheezing, wheezing, etc
  • Never MAKE AN EFFORT TO Squeeze Your Blackheads TOGETHER WITH YOUR Fingers Or Special Tools
  • Will hold off the efficiency of wrinkles since it relaxes the muscles
  • Happiness is the best makeup
  • Bed with wheels removed to keep bed low (NOTE: may not be acceptable with fire rules)

Age is getting up and I need good eyes cream to slow down wrinkles near my eye. I’d like to try out this out and observe how it works for me. It is likely to keep carefully the eye area feeling hydrated the whole day. Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway is a great sun block that is made with Damask Rose extracts, abundant with vitamins to penetrate deep in to the skin to moisturize, strengthen, soothe and smoothen skin like a rose petal.

It is among the best sun blocks I’ve used. This eyebrow pencil is easy to draw because it has a flat brow design and I would love to try out this. I like it has a brush on the other end. Priced at only RM11.00 I want to get 2 different colors. I’ve not attempted this before but would love to give it a try because it can create 10,000 sonic oscillations each and every minute and can clean clogged pores. The brush head can be replaced and it’s suitable for all skin types.

I need to get my practical this because it can cover flaws and is made with 45% water-based method to keep pores and skin hydrated. It also has vitamin antioxidants and E to let epidermis look younger and more elastic. It will be a really nice gift to have. These items are in my Althea Xmas wish list above. Althea Korea offers discounts and ships products to around the world everywhere. I’ve ordered Althea products many times and love that they ship out from Korea in about 1-2 weeks’ time. Their products are genuine too.

This natural essential oil is an effective anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for older skin that will have acne. The astringent results in Patchouli essential oil helps in tightening loose skin. Patchouli anti-aging natural essential oil helps you reduce acne and pores, tighten sagging skin, and removes lines and wrinkles and fine lines from face and neck of the guitar effectively. For crepey skin treatment, mix 2-3 3 drops of Patchouli anti-aging oils with gentle oils like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil or even to your skin layer creams or lotions and gently massage on your crepey neck and face.