Lineage And Causality In Event Digesting

From a rule-engine perspective, events are facts just. I tend to think Truth maintenance differs than causality as it is explained by you for event control. There’s many types of truth maintenance. The most common one found in BRE is reasonable truth maintenance, which guarantees that if an undeniable fact is derived from various other facts, the removal of the trigger truth gets rid of the produced truth also.

Since event processing tends to progress and doesn’t normally have a modification of facts or events, that kind of cause-effect doesn’t apply. I know that both forwards and backward chaining have been used to build software with auditing and tracing. Doing it correctly and from a developer perspective does require experience and skill properly, so it’s not something a business user can do unassisted. If CEP products provide causality out of the box, it will be would make life easier for the user.

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