Malaysia Beauty Blogger: February 2019

My time has shifted. I have other commitment rather than blogging, makeup job, online site business, and regular works. Due to busy working life Even, I have my very own sweet amount of time in pampering my physical body still. 2015 gives a huge impact to me, mega-changes. My beauty spa has transformed. Trying to maximize my utilization and use everything I have in my bathroom practically.

That comes from the idea, to talk about what I have already been caring and using starting January 2015 til now. I do my makeup on a regular a daily basis. By hook or by crook, by the end of the day I need to remove my makeup. Here you go, my two makeup wipes favorites; SIMPLE and BIORE.

In term of heavy makeup removal, I normally use Simple cleansing wipe for my entire face epidermis and Biore makeup wipes for my attention makeup specially waterproof makeup. Speaking of Biore wipes, it is excellent in eye makeup removal yet some people with sensitive eyes cannot stand with it.

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Please take note with this matter. In other hands, Simple makeup wipes can also remove eye makeup yet need to clean gently as the tissues surface is quite coarse and it could hurt the delicate area. Both work great in removing makeup and price wise, they are the similar almost.

Bioderma cleansing drinking water is my favorite makeup removal among all. Fairly remove light makeup effectively without burning the eyes etc. It might costs bank pain, but WORTH every ringgit. It was got by me from France trip with a very affordable price. Where to get it in MALAYSIA? Bioderma is available at selected Guardian pharmacies. Thank you to Shaza Amalina (my bff) for presenting this amazing and affordable cotton pad. I used normal facial cotton pad from Guardian / Watsons Previously.

After been presented into this Daiso Cotton Pad, it is now my ultimate favorite and it might be my forever natural cotton pad. I love it’s consistency, can’t really describe it but I would like to recommend you guys to get it and check it out yourself. If you’re acquainted with Sephora cotton pad, well, I could say it is nearly much like Sephora cotton pad but it’s in rectangular form. Everyone keep requesting me, what are you using for your cosmetic wash? I normally use Clean and clear cosmetic wash.

I will normally use whatever I have in the toilet. Cosmetic clean or anything Free. I’ve used: Nano White, Clear, and Clean, Alaisyah, Garnier, Eau Thermale, and so many more, other brands that I can’t really recall. Currently I am using Alaisyah facial foam for days gone by months. The nice reason why I used this facial is because of my parents, they got it extra-and ya, it’s me, their princess who wants to use all their things. Don’t really call it as “stealing” however in a proper terminology, it’s called BORROW, use, and own. Only appropriate among family.