Create Wealth Through Long-Term Short-Term And Investing Trading

Retail traders, where does the source of investing capital come from? Some of you might have wealthy parents to provide you with big sum of investing capital so that it is no problem; but for the majority of us, our investing capital result from conserving from our hard-earned money. Every money preserved for investment means a buck less to spend on other “luxuries”. Someone even would go to the extreme to save on his daily dosage of 70 cents espresso by making his own sit down elsewhere at home so that he can save every cent available for his investment. The trading capital of these institutional investors are provided by other traders and not from saving using their wages.

This is world aside! Perhaps you have finally realize the significance and feelings mounted on our investing capital? In other word, for retail investors it represents our sweat and blood, and losing this investing capital may drive some people into depression and even getting the considered killing ourselves to be so foolish. We know that we cannot afford to fail; neither can we be excessively defensive and manage to achieve meagre return on our investment and fail to build up sufficient wealth for retirement draw down. Human life is brief; but our working life is even shorter.

Most of us who are getting incomes have a finite period of time in which to build our lifetime saving and to make investments part of this saving. As retail investors, we will finally one day liquidate most of our investment to maintain with expenditures and the necessity may come sooner than expected. Do you consider Warren Buffet must liquidate the majority of his investment to meet his retirement fund? Not but the majority of us need to Certainly. Over long run, inflation is the most adverse for some retail investors and particularly most dangerous for retired retail investors and must be significantly overcome with an increase of wealth through the wealth accumulation phase. Understand the reality about retail investors on the limitations and choose trading strategies that are most suitable for retail traders to meet their pension goals. The most dollar whatsoever time.

Everything is about timing. There is certainly even timing in the breathing that we consume every single instant. Time animates everything encircling us including us. This laptop which i used to write this website is also animated by some clocking system that provides the pulse to parse the instructions stored in the microprocessor. Let me tell you something which you may not hear before. When enough time comes for the currency markets to go upwards, it will move regardless of the information that we listen to surrounding us up.

Even if there are wars taking place or earthquakes occurring somewhere, if it’s time to go up, it will move up. I repeat, it will move up. How many time we short on bad information and then find that the stock soars higher regardless of the “outlook” as perceived by our own understanding. WD Gann once said the Time is the most important variable among Price, Volume and Time.

As talked about, Gann tools are some of the powerful timing tools to investigate the stock market timing. However, if you delved deeper, you will probably find some of the methods aren’t so standard. I can only say that if you would like to disprove that market theory, then you have to review it first and find out for yourself. In conclusion to the above post, I have basically chart out the entire learning path that any stocks, commodities, futures, options or forex traders should embark in learning more of the financial markets. Each section itself has vast department to explore further. Time is the reason, Volume is the Fuel, and Price is the total result.

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  • Who should receive the capital, both now and in the future
  • Excesses in one direction will lead to an opposite excess in the other path
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