A Tray Of Bliss

I know right. We’ve all seen these content come up on our blog pursuing lists and invariably, they’re one big long, sponsored post. This one, however, is not, so fear never! This is more about knowing what your needs are to be able to tailor your products to your budget, stage of life, schedule, and personal preferences.

I’ve divided my list into categories, to enable you to perhaps (unless you already!), tailor your list in a similar fashion. I’d certainly be interested to listen to what you take into account your essentials. It is also about not being swayed by the ‘latest thing’ and knowing what works for you. I’m 57. I look okay for 57. I’ve taken care of my epidermis.

My European mom taught me that from an early on age. She understood that teenager breakouts were a blessing because my oilier skin would stand me in good stead later in life. She was right. I’ve few lines, although I really do wish I’d stayed from the sun more when I was young.

That’s life as an Aussie of the 60s and 70s! I’m not pretending for an instant to be always a Glamour Girl. I’m well past that thanks a lot. I however am, trying to show you, that no matter your age or circumstances, you CAN invest just a little money and time in self, and it will enjoy rewards for you in the long run. Not frightening for an old gal too.

I’ve been through phases of using the high-end skin care, plummeting to using DIY or supermarket when the disposition requires me, or when the budget dictates a tuck and nip of the bank account. But I have always, looked after my skin always. And by that I mean the face, neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet. I’m an enthusiast of the DIY foot scrub and a bright red.

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I love a good lemon scented hand scrub and a fairly manicure. I treat my hair with good products for dry, curly silver hair, and if anything, that’s where I’ll splurge. The day I cannot stand a bad hair. I adore a good faux tan for a flattering bit of color, a face mask once weekly, a DIY eyebrow tint fortnightly, and a scrub with a loofah mitt, in the shower at least that all too often. This makes me feel great, in charge of my entire life and the real way I look. It makes my family feel good to see me look after myself. EASILY care about me, I quickly am better outfitted to care for them, right?

Feeling in charge of your own life, is an art and a skill never to be underestimated. In the event that you feel you can at least control how you present yourself to ultimately the global world, the others of life can often easily fall into place more. Even when terrible things have happened in my life, I’ve felt that was one area that nobody could steal from me.

It’s been a godsend in many respects, I can tell you that. So without further ado, here is my Beauty Essentials. No advertisements I promise. This may seem just like a long list for some and one shortly for others enough. But I wanted to give you an overview of what I take advantage of, to keep my Self-Maintenance program up to date. Morning hours and before bed night routine virtually revolves around my Self-Maintenance Program My early, as they have for 44 years.

I don’t stray too much, because I’ve a certain paranoia that easily overlook myself for just one evening, it may well become a habit. That’s highly unlikely, but clearly my Mother drummed this into me, and it’s really stuck! It’s merely a way of making a point. I’m not stating you should personally race out and buy any of these.