The Vegan, Cruelty-free Review Guide To Skincare: Eye Creams

We’ve covered cleansers and moisturizers already in our vegan skincare manuals, and now it’s time for eyes lotions. Whether it’s reducing puffiness, smoothing wrinkles, or making your under eye area more illuminated, there’s eyes cream out there for you. It can be hard sifting through ingredients to find vegan products, so we sniffed out 11 vegan eye creams and put these to the test. ‘I’m no eyesight cream person because I’m cheap and because I don’t want to admit that I’m getting old.

‘But having stared in the reflection enough to know that many years of squinting at bus stops (yes, I need eyeglasses) has given me crinkles across the eyes, I must accept that a special cream for my eye area is necessary. ‘This one is fantastic – it feels super-hydrating without leaving an oily film and doesn’t feel too tight like other anti-ageing ones I’ve attempted. ‘I keep it in the fridge then dab it on before bed and each day to make the process feel more luxurious.

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Is Beauty Kitchen 100% vegan? No, some products contain beeswax. Find a list here. ‘This feels nicer to put up than my usual eye cream – it’s creamy rather than too heavy. It creates my eye area feels moisturized but not greasy. ‘It relieves my puffiness and swelling each day, and is fantastic to put on after you’ve been rushing around at the fitness center as it’s cooling and feels like a mini-treatment.

‘It’s got that typical Neal’s Yard essential oils smell, all calming and herbal. Is Neal’s Yard 100% vegan? No, beeswax is in a few products. Get more information here. ‘Utopia is a variety designed for adult skin, which I fit into as I’m in my own 60s now. ‘This eyesight serum helps to not make my eye look baggy and tired definitely, and it certainly does feel like it’s tightening your skin. Is Utopia 100% vegan?

‘This is actually good. I normally shy away from anti-ageing type products thinking they don’t actually work, but this one was amazing. ‘I observed a difference after one day/night worth of use. Is Bulldog 100% vegan? ‘This feels nice and light, than one of those thick rather, heavy eye creams.

‘It’s aimed at people in their past due 40s, that I am, so it has some crow’s foot to cope with. ‘While I can’t say it’s made much of a dent in them, I’m not persuaded something could in any case. Is B 100% vegan? ‘This made my attention area feel a lot fresher, especially in the morning when I awaken with puffy eye after insufficient sleep. Is Bea 100% vegan?