A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing: 07/01/2019

Got up at 6AM and mapped out the drive-bys. Speaking of drive-bys, here’s the Definitive Guide for Doing Drive-By Signings. 1. Find the stores. Or go to the public library and look through the phone’s books. Make an effort to list all the stores within 20 kilometers of the city you’re visiting.

2. Call the stores you want to drop in on and have someone if they bring your books. DO NOT tell them you’re the writer. All that will be complicating things. Believe me on this. The truth is, publishers and bookstores have a couple of rules about writer signings. You want to ignore those rules.

So call and see if they have copies and have just how many. I wouldn’t drive 20 mls to signal three paperbacks, but for three hardcovers I would. Call each day or two before you plan on falling by—calling ten days before may lead to your books being gone at that time. 3. Map out your path. Plot a course going indicate point.

A GPS navigation unit saves a lot of time and effort. I’ve pointed out that Barnes & Noble, and Borders stores frequently have locations simply a few miles in one another. If there’s one, there may be another. Independent booksellers are happier to see you generally, and more are wanting to sell your stuff.

  1. Concern about extreme legislation and red tape
  2. Generalists resolve employee disputes and specialists only resolve labor disputes
  3. Nonwork-Related Usage of the Internet
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  5. Brand Overview

Fit as many of these in to the drop-in tour as possible. 4. When you get to a store, find your books. Booksellers are occupied, and you desire to be low maintenance and take up hardly any of their time. On this tour, my books are either on the era desk, the 20% off table, or in the mystery section.

Sometimes you will see extra copies on the floor or stacked behind other books on the shelf. 5. Take your books to the info Desk, or even to a counter-top, and say your spiel to a worker. Ask them if they like your genre Then, and tell them about your books. While speaking with the employee, give them something—a credit card, a bookmark, or in my own case, a drink coaster with my publication cover on it, and SIGN THAT.

Signing it will ideally prevent them from tossing that away, on the off chance that 1 day you will be famous plus they can sell it on eBay. Also, ask them if they can check to see if there are any more in the store that you couldn’t find. Be patient—if the store is active, let them look after customers before you.