Best Gluten-Free Bread Recipe

This is hands down the best gluten-free loaf of bread recipe I’ve ever made. It really is nutritious, high in proteins, fiber and on top of that, it’s fool-proof. Most of you may know that I was born and raised in Germany and only relocated to Ireland a couple of years back. Whenever people ask me if there is something that I miss about Germany, I can certainly say it’s the bakeries.

Germans seem to have a sheer countless variety of breads with most of them being much moister and denser than the typical Irish white skillet bread. Personally, I find it really hard to buy “real” bread nowadays, many loafs you find in the supermarkets have an extended ingredient list than my shopping list. Perhaps you have ever asked yourself why the loaf of bread from the supermarkets can last so a lot longer than the traditionally baked bread?

The answer is very simple, it is filled with additives and preservatives to make it last as long as possible. Usually, I slice up the entire loaf and freeze it in portions of 4 slices. Whenever I am craving a sandwich I take one of the little bags out of the freezer and defrost it in the toaster. You shall spot the lovely nutty smell of roasted seeds starting to fill up your kitchen.

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It tastes simply divine, whether you like nice or savory toppings both ongoing work very well. Would you understand the difference between 100% wholemeal and a complete grain bread? You head to the supermarket considering probably, I’ll do myself some good by buying wholegrain bread rather than white bread nevertheless, you might be amazed if you truly check the label.

A loaf of bread labeled as wholegrain bread can still be mainly produced with bleached flour. It could be known as a complete grain bread simply because it may contain a few e.g. sunflower seed products. Alternatively, a company can only just call a bread’s a 100 % wholemeal bread if it has been exactly created from a 100 % wholemeal flour.

Stoneground flour consists of far more nutrition and fibre than white flour. During the refining process, white flour gets stripped off all its goodness. In many countries including Ireland, it’s required by law to fortify refined flours with vitamins and minerals but don’t be fooled, you’ll be missing out on important nutrition and fiber still.

Most commercial white flour in the US is bleached, using chemicals like acetone peroxide, chlorine, and benzoyl peroxide. Everybody seems to be in love with sourdough these days but yet again check the label carefully, you may be surprised to find out that using situations only sourdough flavor has been added.