Growing Your Tree Of Prosperity

I am so demotivated right now, I should be vetting my research papers rather than updating this blog actually. I am praying for an interview in March. Rejections as a rule leave a bad taste in my mouth area because, to be reasonable, it happens to me up to this stage in my own life seldom.

I guess an important part of personal growth is to have the door slam shut in your face. Perhaps 40-something year-olds may look forward to more rejections in the future in Singapore. To add salt to the wound, I just ended a one-week break which really isn’t really a break in any way. So for my whole holidays, I caught up with friends for a few hours and had two fairly rushed RPG sessions just.

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My only loan consolidation is that I did manage to enjoy Durandal’s a month with my family. Is it me or is the marketplaces doing rather well lately just? Earlier this month defensive traders are really outperforming all of those other marketplaces with REITs and business trusts declaring fairly decent dividends.

As most of my expenses on my child have been made, I could make investments some amount I set aside for contingencies back to the markets. There is certainly room for cautious optimism as the Fed would like to review their policy of raising interest rates. Where rates dip into the negative, I can expect SIBOR to help ease up a little to provide me more leeway to pump my dividends into the markets rather than pumping it into my CPF-OA to cover my home loans.

Once floating rates exceeds fixed rates, this means local banks anticipate an easing in the medium term. My challenge this year is to have online cost savings from my dividends, I really hope that I can shore up some REIT purchases because they are quite cheap right now. Medical expenses and emergencies. The entire year of the monkey continues to ravage this hapless Tiger.

The other event are medical expenditures incurred by my mum on her behalf treatment. 1,200. Clearly, there is certainly something inherently meaningless when municipality clinics provide financial advise to hapless unwell people in Singapore but I will leave it to other associates of the public to lodge a problem. The first case is devastating to poorer individuals who don’t have contingency funds, the next case damages traders who will prepare the amount of money in cash using their investment profile.