HOW EXACTLY TO Know Which Nvidia Driver I Should Install

You can freely download and install NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience to get automatic driver improvements. 1. Go to the GeForce driver download website the following. R and a “Run” dialog box should pop-up on your screen. Type “dxdiag” in the container and hit enter. If another dialog box requesting if you’d prefer to “check if your drivers are digitally signed” appears, click yes. 2. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool should show up after that.

Navigate to the Display tab and take note of these devices name. Now get back in to the website. 3. Select the appropriate info from the dropdown lists under “Manual Driver Search”. For most people, the first box should be “GeForce”. The selections of the next and third boxes can be derived from your device name (the name of your graphics card model) from the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. The fourth box should be considered a no-brainer: it is the OS that your computer’s running on.

It’s probably 64-bit unless you’re using a historical relic as your computer. The fifth box is your vocabulary of choice for the driver setup. You can leave the sixth package only. 6. Now, press “Start search”. When the results appear, pick the topmost result (since that’s the latest driver). After you are redirected to another driver download web page, click on “Agree and download” and the driver setup document will download.

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  • Move to the disk energy option by performing a search on the very best right part of the display screen
  • A way to build social proof
  • You can hide/show associates
  • Removing the Quick Launch
  • Partner with the sales team on the development of a sales playbook

7. Run the driver file as an administrator. In the dialog container that shows up, you can just click ok unless you want to improve the file extraction path, of course. The drivers set up data files will then be kept to that file location. This should take about a minute or less. 8. The NVIDIA Installer windows will open up. After the system check is performed, agree with the license agreement and continue. Pick the express installation option. 9. The driver will install. It’ll have a short while to complete probably.

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