How To Apply Eyeliner

If you’re prepared to experiment with eyeliner, here’s a quick tutorial to truly get you started. How to apply eyeliner and create stunning results, no matter what your eye size or shape. If you have avoided eyeliner because you think it doesn’t suit you-as a lot of women do-perhaps you haven’t explored all the options. Depending on eye size and shape and the effect you want to create, there are many ways of applying it as well as many product and colors types to choose from. It’s simply a question of experimenting.

You’ll find that it not only accentuates and identifies the eyes but also works as a corrective cosmetic. For example, it can enlarge small eyes, “open up” hooded eyes, recede convex eyes, and add sparkle to tired eyes. Liquid eyeliner creates a razor-sharp, defined stroke. Half close the eye and gently pull at the outer corner for a flawlessly even application.

Gel eyeliner is a little simpler to apply if your hand is significantly less than constant, and leaves a softer finish. Both of these products are ideal if you would like your eyeliner to stick out or if you prefer dovetails. They aren’t suitable, however, for smudging and blending. Kohl is available as a loose powder or, more commonly, compressed into a concise or pencil product. If using loose or compact Kohl, apply with an angled or “pencil” clean.

Because Kohl leaves a matte end and is easily smudged and blended, it’s well suited for a smoky night time look. Wax structured eyeliner is the easiest to apply, and comes as a pencil product or in a concise with an applicator sometimes. Because it’s water resistant, it lasts longer on the waterline than other products.

You can apply powder eye shadow instead of Kohl eyeliner using an angled or “pencil” clean. For a more saturated, defined surface finish, dampen the clean before applying. A dry brush will give a softer, more diffused look. You can certainly accentuate your eye with a straightforward stroke of eyeliner along the upper lash line. In the event that you thicken the contour of the liner above the iris straight, small or narrow eyes shall appear rounder. To elongate the eyes, extend the liner beyond the outer corners. That is finished with water or gel eyeliner best.

Use eyeliner to improve the appearance of hooded and down turned eye. Begin application directly above the pupil and thicken as you progress towards the outer eye part. To balance the look, apply mascara more generously to the upper lashes from the internal eye part to the guts. For a precise, dramatic look, try the “wraparound.” Quite simply, the range your top and bottom level lids, signing up for the eyeliner at each corner. This won’t work, however, on close place or small eyes. For close-set eyes, don’t sign up for the top and lower liner at the internal edges.

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It’s also a good idea to elongate the outer corners to pull the eyes further apart. For small eye, don’t join the liner at the internal and outer sides. Apply dark eyeliner to the low waterline to add definition and strength. Make tired, reddened eyes seem brighter through the use of a light-colored eyeliner to the lower waterline.

The most reliable color because of this is beige. If your eye is small, or if they show up smaller credited to eyeglasses for nearsightedness light-colored eyeliner on the low waterline makes them look bigger. Dark eyeliner applied to the upper waterline makes lashes seem longer, and thicker as well as adding discreet definition.